Prints on aluminium. Get that perfect finish.

Aluminium prints are the perfect piece of home art. With intricate details, flawless quality and prints that will last forever, transfer your photos to aluminium prints now.

Advantages of Aluminium Print

Scratch Resistant
Because of the printing process, and the heat infusion, our panels have a high tolerance to scratches  Durability  surpasses all forms other forms of prints.

Being that the dyes, are underneath the surface coating of the panel, your prints can be cleaned with about anything and it will not harm the surface including chemicals like ammonia, acetone, window cleaners, rubbing alcohol, bleach, and any all-purpose cleaners.!

Heat and Fire Resistant
Our panels can withstand very high heat, therefore they are great in places that regular prints have never been allowed, like, private airplanes, boats, factories, trains, Restaurants, kitchens, and many more places where there are fire rules.

Water Resistant
Our  panels can be used in amazing places, like, showers, spas, waterfalls, humid areas like saunas, swimming pool areas,  or anywhere there is water.



Kindly make sure your image resolution is at least 300dpi. Any photos / pictures less than this resolution will not transfer on your desired print.

Copyright / Trademarks

Make sure your images are not a copyright or trademark infringement. Metal Fusion Kuwait will not be responsible for any violation of 3rd part reserved rights.

Additional Info

Allow anywhere from 3 - 7 working days for your custom artwork to be ready.