FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]


1. How is my print printed on Metal?
Answer: When you give us your photo image digital file, we will print this file to the desired size on a transfer paper, then with our special equipment, we will infuse the special hybrid dye inks into the Chromaluxe specially coated aluminum sheet using pressure and heat.

2. Are the prints waterproof?
Answer: Yes. Great for areas that are moist like bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, lobbies and lobbies that are in a humid area.

3. What workspace is used?
Answer: We use Adobe RGB1998.

4. Can we print any size?
Answer: we can cut any size although the maximum size 75 cm wide by 115 cm long.

4. Can use use outdoors?
Answer: Metal Prints are recommended for Indoor use but you can use outdoors, although some colors may have a slight shift, after periods of 1 year or so, but very soon Chromaluxe will be developing a UV coating to ensure a lifetime of brilliant color.